Friday, September 12, 2014

Jr Rodeo Weekend

One of my goals this weekend is to get totally caught up on blogging!  The weekend of the Fair, we had 2 Jr. Rodeos.  Saturday we were in Taylor and Sunday in Burwell.  Both girls did really well.  Jeane made a couple mistakes, but that is what Jr. Rodeos are about!  They are a great place to learn and get ready for the next level of rodeo.  Aubree and Trey each one their first belt buckles.  Both riding Speedster.  Aubree won hers in the 5-7 year old at Taylor.  The neat thing was Jenae won the same event when she was the same age as Aubree at the same rodeo riding the same horse!  Trey won the 5 & under boys at the Burwell Jr. Rodeo.  He was pretty excited!  Speedster is a very special horse and I think it is so cool that all three of the oldest grandkids won their first buckle on Speedster!
Chip and Aubree warming up before the rodeo.

Jenae and Aubree in the arena warming up.

Chip and Aubree waiting for the barrel racing
Chip and girls  getting warmed up for the rodeo.

Jenae making new friends

Aubree picking up her belt buckle very first belt buckle!  She was so proud!!

Aubree showing Speedster the belt buckel they won!

Aubree and her belt buckle

The girls the morning of the Burwell Jr. Rodeo

Chip, Jenae, Aubree and Whitney deciding what horses they were going to take for the day. 
Whitney talked Grandpa in to taking Cinnamon along for the day. 
She even found him some bell boots!
Chip, Trey & Chase at Burwell
Trey and Aubree

We got soaked seveal times!  Whitney, Aubree and their friend Sidney having some fun!

Whitney, Chase and Trey finding shelter during another shower!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Holt County Fair

 We had a great week at the Holt County Fair. I took the whole week off from work and really was able to relax and enjoy the week.  Well I guess there was not much relaxing, but it was more enjoyable not trying to juggle my job with all the fun! 

Kyle thought we should start Fair week off with a Drive in Movie! We had a great time taking the girls to their first Drive in Movie, Planes Fire and Rescue. 

Aubree on Domino

Jenae and Comanche in Pleasure

Jace and Whitney on Domino

Jenae & Comanche--Grand Champion Reining

Jenae on Speedster -- Grand Champion Barrels

Brooke, Allyx, Aubree and Trey being good cheerleaders for Jenae at the horse show.

Jenae warming up the horses.

Aubree doing her interveiw judging for hre clover kid projects.

Jenae doing her interview judging for her cookies.

Jenae and Comanche in Trail

Aubree and Jenae waiting for the horse show to start.

Mom with all her grand kids.

The Summer Birthday Kids!  We had a great time celebrating birthdays. 

Whitney eating cotton candy at the Chambers Rodeo!!  Such a silly girl!!

 Grandpa  sharing his candy bar with the kiddos. 
Kids watching the rodeo and eating popcorn!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Cheyenne--The Daddy of 'Em All

With my summer schedule change and being able to take an extra day off, I wanted to make the most of it and take the time to go to Cheyenne with my family.  It is such a fun rodeo and I am so glad I made the time to do so!! 
Kyle had a good run on his first steer, but no luck on his 2nd one. 
Trey and Aubree Joy

Trey roping the dummy.

Hanging out at the trailer.

Hanging out at the trailer.

A trailer roping

Whitney playing with the Morton's toys. 

Jenae took this picture of Whitney watching the rodeo.  I love it!! 

 Jenae took this picture also.  Not a clue who it is, but it shows the speed of the steer wrestling

 Oh this Whitney Faith...She is something else!!!

Texas Roadhouse is an annual stop on the Cheyenne trip.  This year was no different.  Trey, Chip and Whitney.

Aubree, semi-toothless, giving Kyle a hug.

Whitney loves the Morton's

Whitney and Trey waiting for the rodeo to start. 

Trey was watching the Thunder birds do a fly over.
Whitney was ready for the National Anthem to start.

Dane and Whitney Watching the rodeo.

Fair Prep

We had a couple of days between rodeos and Fair so we made the most of them.  Both girls took projects to the fair.  I think I am finally getting the hang of some of this.  Maybe next year we can do some of these projects in the winter :-)

We spend the days in the saddle getting practiced up for their events as well.  It was good to have have some down time!!!
Jenae working on her 4H project

Aubree doing her clover kid project for 4H.

My wild haired Whitney

Aubree all dressed up to ride Domino.

Aubree playing in the sprinkler